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Are you thinking about starting a career in the mechanics field?

If you have always liked cars, their engines and how they work, perhaps a career as an auto mechanic would be perfect for you.

Experienced engine mechanic on the job in the shopDependable and experienced car mechanics can earn good money, live and work wherever they like and can often work any type of hours they prefer. It’s not all glamor, of course, the job is tough on your hands, you get dirty and you work on your feet all day, but you also get to work on some great vehicles and earn the satisfaction of getting them into top-notch shape.

During their initial formal classroom training, mechanics typically learn just enough to get them their first job. Once they have started working, they will learn more on the job and through continuing education classes that their employer arranges.

Besides cars, mechanics are also needed in the truck, boat, plane and motorcycle industry. And although the demand for such diesel, marine, airplane and motorcycle mechanics is less than it is for automobile mechanics, the supply of qualified professionals is also smaller, so an expert in any of these fields has a lot of career potential.

You can probably find a local auto repair class or a complete mechanic degree program in your city. However, if you are interested in becoming a truck, boat, plane or motorcycle repair expert, your city may not offer a good specific training program. Your search may be a bit more difficult.

If you have an interest in working with your hands, performing engine repair and maintenance, you may be in luck.

Just type in your zip code in the space slightly below to explore the class options you have:

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